Hot In The City

If you live in LA or know someone (at least on Facebook) who does, you know how disgusting it has been lately. We’re in the middle of a serious drought and it has been in the 100’s every day. Not so much with the making me want to go outside and run.


Now you might be asking, “Hey, why don’t you just jump on the treadmill you own or the one at your local gym?” And my answer: I’m on a super serious budget, you presumptuous reader! And as such, the gym membership was the first thing to go.

And so, when it was 101 when I got home and my Nike coach said “go run 3miles” I was all…


Instead, I tried two Ballet Beautiful videos on YouTube for the first time. Miss Mary Helen Bowers is NOT messing around here, people. I tried the legs/bum and arms/back videos and, while simple, make you burn. Definitely apartment friendly, no equipment needed, and once I do this a few times, I think it’s something I can do while watching TV or listening to my own music while just relying on audio cues.

And so, new plan. I will really really really really try… really… to wake up tomorrow and run while it is still a humane temperature out there. Uuuuuugh I already hate that idea. But I can do it. And then when I’m done and it’s 90 degrees at 7:15am…



Checking In: Slowly But Surely

I had a pretty okay week. Nothing remarkable. So I’ll just give the highlights:

My skin is starting to look better, which is encouraging. But everything else feels the same. To be honest, I just need my Nike half marathon training to start and my Whole Life Challenge to start and then I can kick into high gear. I should be able to get my sh*t together without these things…


This past Saturday I went for a nice run with some new friends and kept a 10min pace for 5mi without stopping, which was awesome! I was all…

Really just wanted to use this gif, but it does accurately sum up my feelings about that run.

Really just wanted to use this gif, but it does accurately sum up my feelings about that run.

Anyway that reminded me to push my milage and don’t stress out about staying under 9min/mi. I think that I tend to feel better and accomplish more when I actually pace myself. 

Speaking of running, here is my schedule for the week! 


I’m so happy to have a coaching program again. It feels like so long ago when I started training for my first half! Week one looks fine, but this program builds quickly. 

Sooooo…. yeah I think that’s about it. If you’re interested in doing the Whole Life Challenge, it starts in about two weeks and it’s great. Sign up here! And now I leave you with some squatspiration from last night’s VMAs. Enjoy. 


The “I’d Rather Be Napping” Workout


Sometimes, you just want to lay down when you get home from work. Let gravity take you and just be horizontal. For me it’s always Tuesdays. Tuesday I’m ready for a nap at 7 when I walk in the door. For those times, I made this.

Bench Press: Lay down, push those fists up to the sky while holding weighted objects. For this, I used weights.


Bridges: Lay down with your feet flat on the floor so your knees are up. Then hump the air like Justin Theroux is watching (I’ve been catching up on The Leftovers this week). Squeeze that ass, then relax back to the floor, then squeeze up,… you get it.


Chest Flyes: Lay down, grab those heavy things again. Now pretend you’re reverse flying, Jack, and do this with them…


Skull Crushers: Lay d- well obviously. Do these until you can’t anymore. Don’t worry, it will only take about 10.


Bicycle: I know, you’re thinking “I thought you said ‘nap!'” But we’re already on the floor, might as well throw a few of these in. I believe in you!


CARDIO BURST! Time to get that heart rate up with horizontal running. Throw in a bit of mermaid dance if you feel like it.


Whew. We did it. Now nap time forever.



Making A Plan: This Week’s Workout Schedule!

My half marathon training starts one week from today. But what about this week? I’m writing this schedule out so I have something to make me accountable. 



MONDAY: 3mi run, 200 abs, 100 squats, 50 arms, stretching for 10 minutes

TUESDAY: Strength train 

WEDNESDAY: 4mi run, 200 abs, 100 squats, 50 arms, stretching for 10 minutes

THURSDAY: Strength train 

FRIDAY: Rest day

SATURDAY: 5mi run, 200 abs, 100 squats, 50 arms,  stretching for 10 minutes

SUNDAY: 5mi run, 200 abs, 100 squats, 50 arms, stretching for 10 minutes

Someone out there should join me so we can challenge each other! 

Checking In: Don’t Be Discouraged

Phase two in any health kick I go on is inevitably the “WHERE THE F*&$ IS MY NEW BODY” phase, wherein I beat myself up for not changing and go back to the cheesecake. This is what I’m currently dealing with. 

Can't go on!

Can’t go on!

I’ve gained weight, I don’t see any changes, and I’m still feeling a bit bloated. However, this is the part of the process that requires us to push even harder! Don’t be like that cat and give in to gravity. Here is my mantra for the week:


I need to go HARD this week, but even more important is the mindset I need to trick myself into. I need to still be excited about this lifestyle change. I need to be proud of every run I go on and every strength training session I crush. They haven’t been easy and I haven’t seen any changes, but the fact that I’m still blogging is a change! The fact that I ran 5 miles in the disgusting August-in-the-Valley heat is a change! And tonight, I’m going to run myself into a change again. 

I CAN do this. I CAN do this. I CAN do this!


Just keep going!

9 Stages Of Getting Up Early For A Run

 10:00pm, Night Before:

Heck yeah, fitness!

Heck yeah, fitness!

I’m so excited to run tomorrow! I can accomplish anything! Believe and you will achieve! Setting my alarm for 5:50am because I can totally be that person! Maybe I’ll even stretch out to some Enya after the run!

10:05pm, Night Before:

Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

Okay, let’s be real. I’ll set an alarm for 6am just to be sure I get up. Still excited! …Aaaaaand just because I can’t be late for work, I’ll set my regular alarm for 7am as well. But I won’t need it because I’m a f*cking champion.

12:00am, Night Before:

Scrollin' infinitely...

Scrollin’ infinitely…

Why am I still reading the internet? I need to get my butt to bed, there’s miles to run!

12:30am, Night Before:



No way. Ever.

No way. Ever.

**alarm goes off** It’s still nighttime out there, eff that! 6am sounds better anyway, like when I get to work I can tell everyone I got up at 6am to run.



**alarm goes off** I’ll just run less miles so I can sleep another 20 minutes. Hey, at least I’m running at all. “Passing everyone on the couch,” as Pinterest says.



At this point it would be a time crunch to run, shower, and get ready in time. I don’t want to add any stress to my day. Sleeping enough is important. My bed is so cozy. Another excuse. Whatever.


Oh past me, you're insane.

Oh past me, you’re dumb.

Well now I just haven’t slept well. I hate 10:00pm me. Why was I ever so optimistic? I can’t do anything.



OH GOD WHAT THE HELL I’M LATE. Now I don’t even have time for breakfast, which is probably best- I don’t need the calories since I didn’t actually run. Crankybot, roll out.