“Sugar is poison. It is a chronic… not acute… chronic dose-dependent… depends on how much you eat, because there is a safe threshold, hepato… ‘liver’… toxin.” -Dr. Robert Lustig

Hello, my name is Meg and I’m an addict. It has been three minutes since my last dose, but it’s about to be much, much longer.


Today I ate a donut. Then I ate another one. And the crazy thing is I knew there would be donuts so I brought breakfast to work. I also brought lunch that I successfully prepped before the week began, and had planned a kale salad for dinner. I’ve been eating pretty well for a while, but when donuts (or cookies or brownies or… well, you get the idea) are available, I do a little dance in my head. And it goes a little something like this:

I don’t need it. But I’m an adult and I do what I want. But they’re empty calories. I’ll regret it. I… don’t…need…it…


I’ve been eating sugar for as long as I can remember. Grew up on the stuff. Sodas and processed snacks and treats. When Kazaam made junk food rain from the sky, you bet your butt that was my new life goal. I eat it mindlessly, crave it constantly, and almost always regret it. It’s also the only thing in my diet that serves no purpose. It also has some clear side effects for me including instant headaches, exhaustion, excess oil produced by my skin, and breakouts. So I decided I need a solution. I’m going (mostly) sugar free.

The Rules

  1. I will not eat anything with added sugar
  2. I will be conscious of and limit my intake of “good” sugars including honey and agave
  3. I will allow myself one serving of food with added sugar per month

Now hold on. We’re just creating excuses with this “one serving a month” thing, aren’t we? No! I love food. I enjoy going to restaurants and celebrating life moments with dinner, drinks, and dessert. If I remove this completely, I remove something that I really value in my life. That is when I break and binge and this whole thing becomes a failure.

I really think I can do this. I don’t see a reason why I wouldn’t be able to. It will be hard, but I’m also hoping this allows me to eat mindfully and really value the food I eat. Anyway, away I go. Wish me luck!




Healthy Fast Food Review

First off, I want to assure you this is NOT an add. I was not paid or influenced in any way to speak positively about this product. Now that is out of the way, let’s get to the goods.

I’m so excited to finally have this fast food! I mean, it has everything: convenience, cheapness, deliciocity, nutrition, and you can find it in any store (aka findability…yeah these are all real words). The best part of this food is that you can eat a giant serving and not feel disgusting. On the contrary, you will have a ton of energy.

If you haven’t had one of these in the past 24 hours, do yourself a favor and go purchase a big bag of bright orange carrots!

“Har har, you got me. I’ve had carrots before. This is boring.” Okay, hypothetical reader, you want excitement? Try this on for size. One carrot will basically make you a vitamin A superhero. How does 157% of your daily value of vitamin A sound? And if you think you can only get potassium from bananas, boy are you mistaken. By the way, if you’re taking biotin for your skin and hair, stop it. Eat carrots instead. They are 100% more delicious than a pill.


If you don’t feel like eating them raw, you can boil them, mash them, stick ’em in a souproast them, make noodles out of them, or drink them in a delicious smoothie.

Livin’ the life…

When I was a child, I loved carrots so much that I once turned slightly orange (everything in moderation, people). Then as I aged and my mom started switching out carrots for other orange things. Doritos. Cheetos. Kraft Singles. Reese’s Pieces. When did the process of going to a store to buy bags of sugar and salt snacks become easier than going to a store to buy carrots?

TL;DR: Don’t waste time reading ingredient labels. Eat only ingredients.

Be more like Bugs = be more of a boss.