And I’m Back!

Excuses are like assholes, they’re a load of shit. 

That being said, a week and a half ago my car broke down. As in REALLY broke down. The repairs would have been more than the car was worth, so blah blah blah week and a half of chaos and here we are, finally posting something new. Leaving that behind and away we go! 


Granted, this is my typical Sunday night “this week will be different!” bit, but I’m not about to turn up my nose at even the most fleeting glimpse of positivity. Just have to make it last until next Sunday when it starts all over again! And so- here’s my check in.


I am SO HAPPY that the Whole Life Challenge starts this weekend. I really think I need something like that to jumpstart my fitness journey. I have been running along with my coach program, but I need more. I need to go back to eating clean. I need to strength train. With WLC, I will commit. And hopefully I can continue on after the 8 weeks and really make a habit of this. 


So here we go, kiddos! To future- ab havin’- toned arm toting- Jen Selter butt showin’ off- me! I can do it! 



Checking In: Slowly But Surely

I had a pretty okay week. Nothing remarkable. So I’ll just give the highlights:

My skin is starting to look better, which is encouraging. But everything else feels the same. To be honest, I just need my Nike half marathon training to start and my Whole Life Challenge to start and then I can kick into high gear. I should be able to get my sh*t together without these things…


This past Saturday I went for a nice run with some new friends and kept a 10min pace for 5mi without stopping, which was awesome! I was all…

Really just wanted to use this gif, but it does accurately sum up my feelings about that run.

Really just wanted to use this gif, but it does accurately sum up my feelings about that run.

Anyway that reminded me to push my milage and don’t stress out about staying under 9min/mi. I think that I tend to feel better and accomplish more when I actually pace myself. 

Speaking of running, here is my schedule for the week! 


I’m so happy to have a coaching program again. It feels like so long ago when I started training for my first half! Week one looks fine, but this program builds quickly. 

Sooooo…. yeah I think that’s about it. If you’re interested in doing the Whole Life Challenge, it starts in about two weeks and it’s great. Sign up here! And now I leave you with some squatspiration from last night’s VMAs. Enjoy. 


Checking In: Don’t Be Discouraged

Phase two in any health kick I go on is inevitably the “WHERE THE F*&$ IS MY NEW BODY” phase, wherein I beat myself up for not changing and go back to the cheesecake. This is what I’m currently dealing with. 

Can't go on!

Can’t go on!

I’ve gained weight, I don’t see any changes, and I’m still feeling a bit bloated. However, this is the part of the process that requires us to push even harder! Don’t be like that cat and give in to gravity. Here is my mantra for the week:


I need to go HARD this week, but even more important is the mindset I need to trick myself into. I need to still be excited about this lifestyle change. I need to be proud of every run I go on and every strength training session I crush. They haven’t been easy and I haven’t seen any changes, but the fact that I’m still blogging is a change! The fact that I ran 5 miles in the disgusting August-in-the-Valley heat is a change! And tonight, I’m going to run myself into a change again. 

I CAN do this. I CAN do this. I CAN do this!


Just keep going!

Checking In: This Feels Oddly Familiar…

It has been one week since I started this blog in attempt to turn this life around. So far so good, I suppose…? To be totally honest, this past week was more or less simple and boring, as well as very deja vu. You see, this isn’t my first rodeo with a fitness kick, and they always tend to go the same way. 


Since I am generally a healthy person (I value getting in my workouts and eating a vegetarian diet), I always start at about a +1 or so from average. Not to mention that I am a tall human, making it easy to gain a few without being able to tell, thus making it even easier for me to make excuses toward laziness and pizza. 


And so, making a change like this week-long clean eating challenge doesn’t feel terribly different. I don’t feel less tired, I don’t look or feel less bloated, and my skin doesn’t look any less pimply. Yet. The familiar part of this past week is the impending relapse I sense. My bloat and zits haven’t gone, but I have to remember that these issues haven’t had a chance to change.

FACT that I just Googled: It takes about 30 days for skin cells to regenerate.

This week I am going to do the 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge again. And then I’ll do it again, and again. And then I’ll do the Whole Life Challenge, which is 8 weeks. Then back to weekly. One week of change really won’t do anything for me, but many all strung together as a full lifestyle overhaul, THAT is when I’ll start seeing my efforts. And THAT is what I’m telling myself this morning as I crave pancakes and reflect on the change I’m not seeing. 


Meh. This is me waiting for my six pack to arrive. 

Keep kickin’ ass, party people!

Yeah, get used to motivational quote images.

Yeah, get used to motivational quote images.