And I’m Back!

Excuses are like assholes, they’re a load of shit. 

That being said, a week and a half ago my car broke down. As in REALLY broke down. The repairs would have been more than the car was worth, so blah blah blah week and a half of chaos and here we are, finally posting something new. Leaving that behind and away we go! 


Granted, this is my typical Sunday night “this week will be different!” bit, but I’m not about to turn up my nose at even the most fleeting glimpse of positivity. Just have to make it last until next Sunday when it starts all over again! And so- here’s my check in.


I am SO HAPPY that the Whole Life Challenge starts this weekend. I really think I need something like that to jumpstart my fitness journey. I have been running along with my coach program, but I need more. I need to go back to eating clean. I need to strength train. With WLC, I will commit. And hopefully I can continue on after the 8 weeks and really make a habit of this. 


So here we go, kiddos! To future- ab havin’- toned arm toting- Jen Selter butt showin’ off- me! I can do it! 



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