The “I’d Rather Be Napping” Workout


Sometimes, you just want to lay down when you get home from work. Let gravity take you and just be horizontal. For me it’s always Tuesdays. Tuesday I’m ready for a nap at 7 when I walk in the door. For those times, I made this.

Bench Press: Lay down, push those fists up to the sky while holding weighted objects. For this, I used weights.


Bridges: Lay down with your feet flat on the floor so your knees are up. Then hump the air like Justin Theroux is watching (I’ve been catching up on The Leftovers this week). Squeeze that ass, then relax back to the floor, then squeeze up,… you get it.


Chest Flyes: Lay down, grab those heavy things again. Now pretend you’re reverse flying, Jack, and do this with them…


Skull Crushers: Lay d- well obviously. Do these until you can’t anymore. Don’t worry, it will only take about 10.


Bicycle: I know, you’re thinking “I thought you said ‘nap!'” But we’re already on the floor, might as well throw a few of these in. I believe in you!


CARDIO BURST! Time to get that heart rate up with horizontal running. Throw in a bit of mermaid dance if you feel like it.


Whew. We did it. Now nap time forever.




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