9 Stages Of Getting Up Early For A Run

 10:00pm, Night Before:

Heck yeah, fitness!

Heck yeah, fitness!

I’m so excited to run tomorrow! I can accomplish anything! Believe and you will achieve! Setting my alarm for 5:50am because I can totally be that person! Maybe I’ll even stretch out to some Enya after the run!

10:05pm, Night Before:

Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

Nothing’s gonna ever keep you down!

Okay, let’s be real. I’ll set an alarm for 6am just to be sure I get up. Still excited! …Aaaaaand just because I can’t be late for work, I’ll set my regular alarm for 7am as well. But I won’t need it because I’m a f*cking champion.

12:00am, Night Before:

Scrollin' infinitely...

Scrollin’ infinitely…

Why am I still reading the internet? I need to get my butt to bed, there’s miles to run!

12:30am, Night Before:



No way. Ever.

No way. Ever.

**alarm goes off** It’s still nighttime out there, eff that! 6am sounds better anyway, like when I get to work I can tell everyone I got up at 6am to run.



**alarm goes off** I’ll just run less miles so I can sleep another 20 minutes. Hey, at least I’m running at all. “Passing everyone on the couch,” as Pinterest says.



At this point it would be a time crunch to run, shower, and get ready in time. I don’t want to add any stress to my day. Sleeping enough is important. My bed is so cozy. Another excuse. Whatever.


Oh past me, you're insane.

Oh past me, you’re dumb.

Well now I just haven’t slept well. I hate 10:00pm me. Why was I ever so optimistic? I can’t do anything.



OH GOD WHAT THE HELL I’M LATE. Now I don’t even have time for breakfast, which is probably best- I don’t need the calories since I didn’t actually run. Crankybot, roll out.


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