My First Steps: 7 Day Clean Eating Challenge

Today I start a week long clean eating challenge. However, when I opened my email to find the sample menu for the week there were a few things that are allowed on the challenge that surprised me. For example: Dijon mustard, greek yogurt, rice cakes, and Ezekiel toast.



To me, “clean eating” meant that you can eat anything that doesn’t have a label, or even more simply, anything on the perimeter of the grocery store. So what’s with all the fluff, challenge? The last time I thought yogurt was an acceptable healthy snack my cellular phone had a hinge. 

But then I started really thinking about why I was surprised by these foods and I remembered my recent research into the raw food movement. I had gone down a wormhole into raw and RT4, subscribed to their YouTube channels, and became obsessed. These “true vegans” had subtly brainwashed me into thinking that anything other than 20 bananas for breakfast will kill you. In hindsight, that strict lifestyle couldn’t have been for me since despite all my research, I never actually practiced it! But that’s all for another post, really. On to the day one basics!

We’re meant to write down our “before” reflection to get a sense of where we start versus the magic we feel on day 7. I will also be checking in daily with the Facebook group and taking pictures of all my meals to share with the challenge community (a lovely idea). 

I feel: constantly tired, bloated, lazy, my eyes hurt, kind of sad all the time, no energy.

If my insides were a gif...

If my insides were a gif…

Also, it would be great if I could poop regularly. Wish me luck!

UPDATE: If you are interested in more information about this challenge or want to reach out to the coach who set up this circus, her Facebook page is linked HERE!


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