I begin here.

I dust off the crumbs of the last Mint Chocolate Milano cookie in the package and add “organic zucchini” to my shopping list. Typical Sunday- I enjoy the last bits of indulgence before I re-commit to a healthy, vegan, paleo, raw till 4, gluten free, dolphin safe lifestyle, which will last only until my first excuse of the week. A bad day here, an “I deserve this” there, and I’m back to french fries and wine. Let’s be clear: I’m not fat. I’m definitely not fit. At this point in my life I am a gangly version of average. My body has adjusted to my sedentary job with an overall softness and general lack of purpose that is not uncommon in America.

But this time, what if? What if I don’t make excuses? What if I don’t split that doughnut with 5 of my coworkers? What if I really, genuinely give myself a chance? Cue the Chariots Of Fire and Eye Of The Tiger mashup!

My goals: Stop thinking of my health/wellness journey as a weekly challenge and try to test my limits and accomplish new feats daily. Take part in challenges to up my game, as I tend to do more when there is a competition. Treat yoself to food, but maybe once a week rather than once every few hours. Maybe, just MAYBE, have an acne-free face and one of those bitchin’ bodies you see on Tumblr memes #musclesaresexy.

So with this, I begin my new life. Bring it on, self! I am ready to be wowed by me.


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